Technical Assessment Forms and Notes

There are two different Technical Assessment (TA) forms. Please ensure you use the correct one for the access route you are using.

RDF Access TA Form (docx) (purple form) Use for all RDF applications

Notes on Completing the TA Forms

Data Management and Transfer

The guidelines below apply to all applications.

As part of the technical assessment you are required to provide details of how you will manage your data on the service. This is to ensure that the work you plan in the project is technically feasible for the system.

Additional help on answering the questions can be found by consulting the ARCHER Data Management Guide at:

This document contains information on the RDF file systems. It also provides information on best practice for archiving files for reuse and analysis at a later date as well as a description of the methods available for trasferring data off the RDF to external sites.

If you need advice on data management and transfer, please contact the RDF Helpdesk and we will be happy to assist.